An intelligent partnership

SIMULATE is a new kind of infrastructure partnership, designed to accelerate innovative solutions in Air Quality and Intelligent Mobility within local authorities. SIMULATE is funded by the DfT and is part of the ADEPT Smart Places Research Programme.


Air Quality

Three Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) present three different types of challenge in delivering clean air.  Each AQMA is pre-sensorised; creating the ultimate test environment.



SIMULATE's Mobility Challenges are centred around a radical new vision for sustainable transport in Staffordshire; where 'Mobility Hubs' remove the need for personal car ownership.


About the Programme

Born from a successful bid into the ADEPT Smart Places Live-Lab programme and funded by the Department for Transport, SIMULATE combines research and feasibility with collaborative incubation and trialling of SMEs to deliver a radical new vision for air quality and Mobility in Staffordshire.

The programme is based on challenges in two areas: urban air quality and mobility.

The benefits of participating in the programme can be found here. 

What's the Process?

1. Head to the challenge section of the site and have a read of the challenge documents, that can be found here.

2. Pick the challenges that your solution can address. 

3. Download the application form that can be found on the same page. 

4. Fill out the application form and send it into 



5. The SME's with the strongest performing applications will be invited onto the programme. The first stage will be a bespoke acceleration cycle to further develop the solution. 

6. SME's will then be invited to trial the solutions in the live test beds in Staffordshire. SME's on the programme will be able to secure up to £100,000 once on the programme to deliver the live trial. The trials will be closely monitored by Staffordshire CC, Amey, ADEPT, the Department of Transport and other local authorities. 

7. After trials have taken place, successful solutions trialled in further locations and receive support to scale the solution. 

Meet the team

Louise Clayton Louise Clayton Head of Transport Operations and Future Connectivity
Sebastian Corby Sebastian Corby Programme Director
Jake Harrison Jake Harrison Programme Manager
Mark Lawrence Mark Lawrence Connectivity Project Officer
Catherine Stephenson Catherine Stephenson Connectivity Project Officer
Kathryn Grattage Kathryn Grattage Connectivity Project Officer
David Trousdale David Trousdale Technical Director
Luke Ward Luke Ward Technical Director
Nick Gostick Nick Gostick Director of the Smart Innovation Hub
Fiona Polack Fiona Polack Professor of Software Engineering