Our vision

The SIMULATE programme is developing a radical new hypothesis for an ecosystem to deliver sustainable Mobility within Staffordshire:

 “A network of interconnected Mobility Hubs and Transport Nodes providing multi-modal, sustainable and demand responsive transport solutions that can adapt to the varied topography and population density within Staffordshire”.

A Mobility Hub is both a destination in itself and an interchange towards further travel, while smaller Transport Nodes act as the focal points which lead services towards these hubs.  A Hub is the underlying infrastructure that enables multi-modal services to be deployed at scale across areas of extreme topographical variation.  The network is constructed based around the needs of the region that it serves and can vary in size and scope depending on the requirements of any given region.

Staffordshire are currently in the feasibility stage of this vision, defining the size and location of the network, and are now looking for prospective solutions and partners who can fulfil different elements of this ecosystem.  Each Mobility challenge within the programme represents a core delivery element of the Mobility Hub network. 

It should be noted that Staffordshire will not be building a Hub within the first phase of SIMULATE.

For further information on the SIMULATE Mobility Challenges click here

For information around the feasibility study currently being undertaken please contact David.Trousdale@amey.co.uk

For all other programme enquiries please contact info@simulate-adeptlivelabs.co.uk